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Shutter Styles

Give your home the perfect ‘face-lift’ with the elegance, style and sophistication of CustoMade Plantation Shutters. This is affordable style at it’s finest! CustoMade Plantation Shutters are made to the highest standards and to exact specifications using top quality materials to ensure that your new Shutters remain functional, beautiful and give you total peace of mind for many years to come.

Hinged Panels

Hinged shutters are ideal for easy window access and a modern look. Available in many combinations they are easy to open and close when required.

Double Hinged

Double hinged panels or often known as combination panels are great for a traditional look. They are great in kitchens in cases that a tap mixer intrudes on opening a standard hinged panel.

Bi-Fold Panels

Bi-folding shutters offer excellent unobstructed visibility by allowing the panels to fold back on themselves, creating an inviting interior living space and a beautiful view to the outdoors.

Fixed Panels

Ideal for small windows, such as bathrooms or areas that have fixtures or furnishings that impede on opening a standard hinged panel. They are installed into a unique U channel for easy lift out for window cleaning.

Sliding Panels

Sliding shutters have multiple options to slide the panels into one fixed panel on the side of your door or window. Sliding stacking plantation shutters are great for large sliding doors that lead to al fresco areas




Fauxwood Eco Air

Fauxwood Lite 100 Shutters are made using Advanced Waterproof PVC and come with unique 100mm hollow blades. The result is a stunningly beautiful wide blade appearance with light weight functionality. Available with Hidden Rotation Rods and various framing options.Standard 650mm panel width and up to 800mm with aluminium inserts with two-part lead-free Polyurethane Coating

Blade Shape & Sizes:

Elliptical 100mm hollow blades with fibreglass internal reinforcement

Fauxwood Eco Lite

Made from Advanced Waterproof PVC Polymer, Fauxwood Eco is a full featured shutter ofered with extensive options and fnished with lead-free High Tensile Coatings which won’t crack or peel and is easy to clean.

Blade Shape & Sizes:

Elliptical 63mm, 89mm, 114mm*

Fauxwood Designer

Along with all of the top of the range quality features, Fauxwood Designer ofers an extendedchoice of decorative framing and additional colour options.

Blade Shape & Sizes:

Elliptical 63mm, 89mm, 114mm*

Fauxwood Night

Enjoy superior privacy and light shielding with Fauxwood Night. Developed specifcally with light blocks and interlocking blades, Fauxwood Night is the perfect choice for Bedrooms and Home Theatre rooms.

Blade Shape & Sizes:

Contoured 89mm

Timber Eco

Our Timber Eco range uses an ideal material for shutters. It has an attractive, even texture that adds uniformity to the fnished shutters.Unlike other natural wood shutters,our Timber Eco resists warping,shrinking and splitting and it is very resilient towards heat andmoisture.

Blade Shape & Sizes:

Elliptical 63mm, 89mm, 114mm*

Aluminium External (fully functional)& Screen(fixed / static baldes)

Functional Aluminium External and non-functional Aluminium Screen Shutters are made from high quality T5 Aluminium which will add that touch of style to your outdoor areasand protect you from the elements. The Aluminium External and Aluminium Screen ranges are completley waterproof and come with a highly resilient powder-coated fnish and available in a range of colours which are sure to impress!

Blade Shape & Sizes:

Elliptical 89mm ( functional in ‘External’ option and fixed in ‘Screen’ option.

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