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Cushions are a must in every room as the finishing touch to your home decor. Providing comfort and a way to change and spruce up your entire room, our range of perfect cushions makes it easy to buy cushions online. From large sofa cushions, plain or faux fur cushions, we have something in our range for every area of your home whether it be on the couch, occasional chair or the floor.

Combine bed & sofa cushions to easily update a room by injecting colour or texture… Or both! Whether you’re looking for something to add a splash of colour or something minimalist to quietly accentuate a space, you’re sure to find the perfect cushions from our large variety. We are very proud to design and develop our own ranges of on-trend pieces each season, with our product design team and quality fabrics being what sets our cushions apart.

Adding cushions is an easy way to complete the look with mixing and matching cushions and throws in your place. New collections are designed each season in a variety of patterns and plain style to help your living room, bedroom or office look fresh and up to date.

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We want cushion shopping to be all about fun and creativity, without the stress, so get creative and start planning your new interior. View our collection online or visit one of DecoRug’s 28 stores to discover the full range. DecoRug Online Store offers Australia-wide Free shipping is offered for online cushions orders over $99.

How to arrange cushions like a pro

They have been used to bring style and comfort to the home for many years. The addition of cushions to your rooms can bring a new dimension, adding colour, pattern and textural elements at a fraction of the cost of a room makeover.

There are decorative cushions to fit almost any room, from a sofa in the living room to cushions used in the bedroom. Let’s play with colour, patterns and textures for an interesting and appealing layered look. It’s not as difficult as you’d imagine!

Soft furnishings add warmth to your home, and we just cannot get enough of them! We believe that no room is complete without accessories like cushions, whether it's a home or office, they are a must in your decor. Layering them can change your entire space- mixing and matching round, square and rectangle cushions on your sofa or bed to create a homely and eclectic feel in your living room or bedroom. If you prefer a more formal look, rather than mixing your decorative pillows, matching your decorative pillows can help you achieve this.

While we believe in less is more when decorating, cushions are the opposite!

Generally speaking, five cushions is a great starting point. To arrange your decorative pillows on a bed or lounge, start from the outside and work your way in. 2 cushions on the outside, 2 overlapping and then one statement cushion in the middle works really well! The perfect statement one can be a floral, patterned or even just a simple velvet cushion.

If you want a more informal look in your living space, grouping lounge cushions to one side of the lounge or in the corner (if you have an L-shaped lounge). If this is the look you want to achieve, odd numbers are your friend! Aim for either 3 or 5 cushions grouped together as odd numbers feel less formal.

Our range comes in a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, wool, faux fur, linen, polyester blends and velvet cushions. Throw pillows are small, decorator pillows you can toss onto a chair, a couch, a bed - anywhere you need a splash of colour and design.

Types of cushions

We know that it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin or knowing what each cushion is. Below, we dive into the fundamentals of cushion types, hoping to inspire you to turn your room from basic into something bold and refreshing. Our range of cushions includes, but is not limited to:


Usually, the edges are defined with contrasting piping to show off the added dimension.


A flange is a fabric that extends out from the side seams, usually at least two cm or more. It softens the look of the pillow, and can also be done in a contrasting fabric to add a point of interest.


This covers any heavily decorated pillow. It can include fancy trims around the edges, such as beading and fringes, or dimensional adornments attached to the front of the pillow, like embroidery, beading, tassels and/or buttons.

Bolster or Roll

Cylindrical, which is a fancy word for tube-shaped, the bolster is a classic pillow type. Adding a rolled shape to any grouping of decorative pillows always adds interest.


Printed cushions are perfect to make a statement due to include images as well as patterns and work well as a focal point when combined with plain style.