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Spot Lifter

If used as directed DecoRug Spot Lifter removes most stains including red wine, grease, shoe polish, ink, grass, coffee, food spills, human & pet soil. Spot Lifter is suitable for stain resistant carpets and guaranteed to not damage colourfast dyed carpets. Always pre-test in a hidden area.

DecoRug Spot Lifter leaves rugs with a pleasant lemon scent & a clean appearance. Use anywhere, anytime, with no fear of offensive odour. While specially formulated for spot cleaning rugs, DecoRug Spot Lifter is also effective on carpets, upholstery & drapes.


For best results, spots should be treated immediately as follows:

  • Blot up spill with a clean absorbent cloth
  • Spray DecoRug Spot Lifter over stain and allow to penetrate
  • For deep pile carpets, separate pile for better penetration
  • Always work towards centre of stain, do not spread stain
  • Never scrub or saturate carpet as permanent damage may result
  • Repeat procedure if required


First Aid Instructions:

Swallowed: Immediately wash out mouth with water & then drink plenty of water

Eye: Wash contaminated eye with copious amounts of water, holding eyelid open. Continue for approximately 15 minutes.

Skin: Remove contaminated clothing & gently & thoroughly wash skin with non abrasive soap.

Inhaled: Remove source of contamination or move victim into fresh air. If irritation develops and persists seek medical attention.

Spot Lifter is classified as non hazardous according to criteria of NOHSC & therefore not registered with the Poisons Information Center.

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