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Shaggy Rugs

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There’s nothing that screams homey comfort like the presence of a shaggy rug in a room. At DecoRug we have a wide variety of soft and fluffy shaggy rugs that will transform any room into a comfortable oasis.

A rug is just as important as all other elements in a room, and it needs to complement both your furnishings and the style of your home. We know all homes are different here at DecoRug, and that’s why our collection of shaggy rugs comes in a diverse range of colours and sizes to suit both contemporary and traditional decors. We have bold and colourful shaggy rugs in bright reds, blues, and greens for those looking to add a splash of colour to their living space. We also have more muted shaggy rugs in black, grey, and creams to tie together your home. For those after something a bit more exciting, we also have patterned shaggy rugs that will breathe a bit of life and fun into a space. Regardless of your tastes, there’ll be a comfy and soft shaggy rug amongst our collection that will fit your home perfectly.

At DecoRug we’re passionate about rugs and embellishing living spaces with your own personality and flair. That’s why we seek out a range of shaggy rugs that can satisfy all tastes and living spaces, whether large or small. We think rugs add to the comfort level of a home while also making a space more inviting and vibrant, and we want to make rugs easy for everyone to appreciate. That’s why we’ve made shopping for shaggy rugs online so simple - we know it can be difficult to properly envision a rug in your living space, and so we offer 14 day returns if you find the rug doesn’t quite fit or suit your furnishings as planned. So browse our massive collection with ease and excitement, and get ready for a living space that’s a lot more comfortable and eye catching.

Selecting the ideal shaggy rug for your home need not be so difficult. While some decisions that need to be made during a home design project require a degree of technical skill and understanding, rugs and other soft furnishings require only an eye for colour and a great deal of imagination.

What sort of effect do you want to achieve within your home? What existing themes and aesthetic flourishes do your new rugs need to integrate with? Which rug best reflects your own personal style?

By answering these questions, you can gain a better insight into the kind of shaggy rug for you and your home. With this in mind, it is time to make your choice. Take a look at

Deco Rugs’ extensive range of rugs; amongst the most wide ranging selection of shaggy rugs online in Australia.

For more information about any of our rug range, or to find out more about the sort of after sales service we can offer, get in touch with our dedicated team today.

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