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RugStop Underlay

Works on both Carpet and Hard Floors

RugStop non-slip Underlay. “It does what it says!” - It stops Rugs from creeping and creasing when placed on Carpeting and it stops Rugs from slipping and sliding when placed on hard flooring such as Timber, Laminate and Tiles.

When Rugs won’t lay flat on Carpeting, they get stretched and damaged over time but worse still, they become a trip hazard!

When Rugs slip underfoot on hard flooring it can be downright dangerous! Why risk it?

RugStop non-slip Underlay. “It does what it says!” - It keeps rugs in place and you and your family safe!


115x160cm (Suitable for a 120x170 rug)

Other sizes of RugStop non-slip Underlay include: 155x225cm and 185x280cm.

Hall runners and small mat cut lenghts also available in 65cm roll widths.


  • Absolutely non-slip on any floor surface!
  • It’s thin, light-weight and virtually unnoticeable!
  • It cushions Rugs underfoot and doesn’t leave and nasty residue!
  • The secret is in the composition and construction of the two fabrics which are needle punched together combined with the specially formulated water-based adhesive.
  • Lightly coated with a uniquely formulated water-based adhesive which grips both the Rug’s backing and the surface of the fixed floorcovering - it virtually acts like a movement absorbent device!
  • It’s simple to install; Remove any protective film, place the appropriate side down (White on Carpet or Grey on hard Flooring) and simply position the Rug on top. Trim RugStop non-slip Underlay to size (if required) using household scissors.
  • RugStop non-slip Underaly lasts and lasts... it won’t dry out, crumble or rot.
  • RugStop non-slip Underlay is odourless and completely safe for use in the family home.
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