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QuietWalk Underlay

The Felt

Made from pre-market recycled textile material which has been needle-punched together to a density of 325kg/m3 and made without the use of chemicals or adhesives.

The carefully formulated construction along with the 3mm thickness and optimum density is the secret to why QuietWalk Suerior Accousting Underlay performs so well in reducing both Reflected and Transmission noise.

QuietWalk Superior Acoustic Underlay outperforms many notable alternative underlays in head-to-head Acoustic Tests and as tested in accourdance with BCA and AAAC requirements.


Thermoplastic Polymer is 0.05mm thick and has a density of 50g/sqm which provides extra moisture protection. The Blue film also allows the floating flooring to expand and contract as needed and without resistance.

Sond Test Results & Performance


AAAC Rating: 5 Star

BCA requirement: L’n,w + C = ≤62

QuietWalk Underlay test result: =46

Step 1

After ensuring that the subfloor is smooth and level (to within installation specs) as well as clean and dry; roll out QuietWalk Acoustic Underlay (felt-side down) over the installation area. For best moisture protection, the ends and sides should be run right up against all perimeter walls and surfaces.

Step 2

You will notice that each roll of QuietWalk Acoustic Underlay has a 100mm Overlap; install each seam so the blue film overlaps and the Felt pad meets neatly toghether.

Important note: Make sure that only the blue film is overlaping and not the felt pad itself.

Step 3

Use an appropriate plastic tape to seal all joins and seams so as to ensure that moisture cannot pass through any of the joins.

For added moisture protection see important tip in blue panel below.

Step 4

Once QuietWalk Acoustic Underlay has been correctly and fully installed, proceed with the installation of the flooring in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

On completion, trim any exess QuietWalk Acoustic Underlay from the perimeter walls and surfaces.

Important Tip: For maximum moisture protection, particularly at ground - level (elevated timber sub-floor, concrete slab or ceramic tiled floors) it is strongly recommended that a 0.2mm thick (PE) Polyethylene film (commonly called ‘black builders plastic’) is used to prevent any moisutre or vapour coming into contact with the felt pad underlay from underneath. When installing the PE film, be sure to overlay and tape the joins.

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