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Carpet Styles

At Decorug we have a huge range of high quality carpets. From a thick luxurious pile to a casual commercial grade loop, Carpet is an economical yet elegant way to furnish your floors. Carpet is a beautiful way to add warmth and texture to your home, and with Decorugs fantastic prices we have a range to suit everyone!

Cut Pile Twist

A luxurious feel with a smooth textured finish. The pile is highly twisted and lies in different direction. Hardwearing and maintain their finish, so ideal for high foot trafficked area. The Textured finish is less likely to show shading or tracking.

Cut & Loop Pile

A mix of twist and loop pile carpets. Hard wearing and are great for adding texture and is available in most yarn types.

Loop Pile

A distinct textured loop finish created by a simple loop pattern. Well suited to heavy trafficked areas. Not likely to show tracking from footprints and vacuuming.

Cut Pile Plush

Cut pile plush carpets are manufactured by cutting the yarn loops which produces an upright pile that has a more luxurious, formal look than loop pile. The softness is made by using more yarn per twist for a denser feel.




Polyester Carpet

Polyester are less expensive then other synthetic or natural fibres. It is beautifully soft and is well suited to the family home. Polyester provides good colour fastness and easy care.

Wool Blend Carpet

Wool blends are usually 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre. Wool blends offer the resilience and durability found in synthetic fibres with the natural appearance and luxurious feel of wool. Mixing synthetic fibre with wool can help to hold the twist definition in some carpet styles, providing improved durability and it reduces shedding from short fibres.

Wool Carpet

Wool is a natural fibre and is renewable and sustainable.
Wool carpets have a natural and soft luxurious feel.
The unique fibre structure is strong and hard-wearing and provides natural protection to help resist staining and soiling.
Wool carpets absorb noise so are quiet and naturally flame retardent so are safe.
Wool's natural properties help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter

Polypropylene Carpet

Polypropylene is a less expensive synthetic fibre manufactured from man-made materials.
Polypropylene carpets are inexpensive, colourfast and resist most stains. Usually manufactured into loop style carpets, they are great for inexpensive renovations and are fantastic value for money making them great for rental properties too!

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is a synthetic fibre that provides long term resilience, durability and stain resistance. It is available in a range of styles such as twist, plush and loop piles. It is a versatile fibre type that comes in a huge range of colours too!

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet

Solution Dyed Nylon is dyed throughout the yarn to its core, bringing a new level of stain resistance and fade performance. Therefore ability to hold colour in areas exposed to long periods of direct sunlight, it will not fade keeping your carpet looking good for longer. It is a low maintenance carpet making it great for high traffic areas!

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