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Bamboo flooring gives the look and feel of a solid timber floor but is manufactured with natural strands of bamboo. Bamboo is an ideal option for an ecologically sustainable floor- bamboo absorbs 30% more carbon than any other forest!

Bamboo grows at a much faster rate than what trees do, which is what makes it so different from timber! Rather than a whole forest of trees being completely cleared, the bamboo stalks are cut and the same stalks re-grow within a few years. This makes it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly flooring option, without sacrificing style or quality.

Why should I choose bamboo flooring for my home?

Bamboo floors are becoming an increasingly popular flooring option, as they can be more hard wearing than timber, and more resistant to damage. In comparison to hardwood floors, bamboo can withstand scratches and minor damages caused by everyday foot traffic.

Quality bamboo flooring is versatile and works with all kinds of interiors- making decorating and furnishing your home super easy!

Not only is bamboo durable, it is also a more affordable option. Bamboo flooring can be significantly cheaper than other flooring choices on the market, ideal for those who are renovating on a budget.

What bamboo flooring options are available at DecoRug?

DecoRug’s Tropic Bamboo Flooring collection is a solid and sustainable investment. Our bamboo floors collection is strand woven, giving them a unique stained look. The solid boards are 14mm thick, 1850mm long and 137mm wide, making them suitable for all interiors! Whether you’re after a modern look or something more traditional, boards of this size can help you achieve that! Our extensive range of bamboo floating floors is available in multiple colours super user-friendly with its patented click system that makes it easy to install- perfect for those who want to DIY. Or simply leave it to our team of expert installers to do it all for you!

We also offer matching stair-nosing for our customers who also have stairs! Our stair-noses are 1850mm long and have a gorgeous bullnose edge to compliment the rest of the new floor in your home!

Our bamboo floors come with 11 coats of scratch resistant technology- this means 11 coats of scratch resistant lacquer that is made to endure the toughest environments! Little ones running around, cats and dogs in the house, these floors are made to last through the daily wear and tear.

This flooring comes with a 25-year residential warranty.